Acheron HexaLug Flash Hider

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Effective flash hider with integrated HexaLug interface. Asymmetric weight reduction cuts eliminate the tuning fork effect and thus the whistling sound typical for open prong flash hiders.

The use of a flash hider is imperative on all rifles that are also going to be used unsuppressed but can’t show any muzzle flash.

On rifles that are primarily or exclusively used with a suppressor, a muzzle brake may be better suited. The ports of the muzzle brake redirect high-pressure gas towards the side and therefore prolong the life of the suppressor.

Thread Size Guide:

  • 1/2″ – 28 UNEF
    Standard thread on almost all American made rifles chambered in a 5.56 mm caliber
  • M12 x 1L (FN P90)
    Specific variant for FN P90
  • M13 x 1L (Steyr AUG)
    Specific variant for Steyr AUG
  • M14 x 1
    Fits all variants of the Czech made vz.58, occasionally found on hunting rifles. Early Haenel CR223 rifles used the M14 x 1, too.
  • M14 x 1L
    Fits some of the rarer Romanian AK variants chambered in 5.45 x 39 mm, the more common Norinco Type 84S and probably others
  • M15 x 1
    Fits Haenel CR223 and many other rifles. Not compatible with HK MR223, HK 33, etc.
  • M15 x 1 HK
    Specifically designed to cover the cylindrical section between the muzzle thread and the shoulder on an HK MR223. Do not use this with rifles made by Haenel.


Weight: 74g (5.56mm)
76g (7.62mm)
Length: 54mm (5.56mm)
60mm (7.62mm)
Diameter: 25.5mm
Material: 1.7225
Surface Finish: QPQ Tenifer
Additional information
Thread Size

1/2″x28 UNEF, M14x1, M14x1L, M15x1, M15x1 H&K, M13x1 Steyr AUG, M12x1L, 5/8"x24 UNEF


5.56mm, 5.7×28, 7.62mm