Acheron PBS E1 AK Suppressor – 7.62mm

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Designed specifically for the AK-100 family of rifles, our PBS E1 attaches directly to the unusually large M24 x 1.5 muzzle thread. The muzzle design of these rifles includes a spring-loaded detent that makes the installation of common muzzle devices a tedious task. The PBS E1 is the world’s only suppressor with a unique feature that takes care of this detent and allows for quick installation without any tools. The collar at the rear end of the suppressor is designed to either disable or enable the detent. With the detent disabled, the suppressor can be screwed on like any other direct thread mounted suppressor. Just half a turn on the collar is all it takes to enable the detent, allowing it to enter one of the slots in the suppressor. With the detent engaged, the PBS E1 can never come lose while firing.

Aside from the mounting system, the PBS E1 is based on the proven design of our ACS E1. The PBS E1 is only available in one caliber (7.62 mm) to eliminate the risk of a 5.45 mm suppressor being installed on a 7.62 mm rifle.

Finished in Cerakote’s C-Series high-temp coating.


Fits most AK-style rifles with the M24 x 1.5 muzzle thread. This includes but is not limited to:

  • AK-100 series with the exception of the AK-9
  • Saiga series (MK & MKK)
  • AK-74 family with the exception of the AKS-74U*

* Technically, the PBS E1 does fit the AKS-74U but the distance between the bore axis and the detent is different, resulting in non-functional retention. You may use the PBS E1 on a AKS-74U but it can come lose while firing.

For AK-style rifles with the M14 x 1L muzzle thread (AK-47, AKM, RPK, RPK-74, etc.) we offer matching HexaLug muzzle devices to allow use of our ACS E1.

Designed, manufactured, finished and assembled in Switzerland.


Mount: Direct Thread (M24 x 1.5)
Weight: 460g
Length: 164mm
Diameter: 40mm
Material: 17-4PH
Surface Finish: Cerakote / QPQ Tenifer
Full Auto Rated: Yes
Sound Reduction: 29 dB(A)
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