Acheron Surrogate – HexaLug

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The SURROGAGE blast diverter redirects the muzzle blast forward, thereby reducing the concussive blast to the shooter and bystanders. In the prone position, it helps to avoid raising dust. This is not a suppressor, since it does not suppress but redirect the blast.

The HexaLug quick attach mounting system allows you to quickly and securely install the SURROGATE on your rifle. Fits all HexaLug muzzle devices regardless of caliber. Not compatible with HexaLug L and HexaLug XL muzzle devices.

Finished in Cerakote’s C-Series high-temp coating.

Designed, manufactured, finished and assembled in Switzerland.


Mount: Acheron HexaLug
Weight: 154g
Length: 72mm
Diameter: 40mm
Material: 17-4PH
Surface Finish: Cerakote / QPQ Tenifer
Full Auto Rated: Yes
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Black, FDE