Desert Tech After Shock Muzzle Brake – .338 3/4×24

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We designed the SRS-A2 Aftershock QD brake using advanced 3D Cad programming, High Definition CNC Automation and high-speed-video for superior recoil reduction. The Aftershock Muzzle Brake reduces barrel whip by 1/3 over most competitor brakes. This amazing brake enhances accuracy by providing uniform gas dispersion, harmonic stabilization, and minimal barrel whip. Horizontally-oriented brake ports prevent muzzle blast or flash damage to night vision devices and minimize ground disturbance. Threaded outer collar allows for quick, secure attachment of sound suppressors like the Desert Tech DTSS Titanium suppressors.
• 3 Port .338 Aftershock Muzzle Brake
• Timing Shim Kit
• Thread Protector
Caliber .338
Thread Pitch 3/4 x 24
Length 2″
Material 17-4 Stainless Steel
Construction High Definition CNC Machined
Coating Salt Bath Nitride Coating
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