Desert Tech SRS – .300 Winchester Magnum 26″

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The new Desert Tech SRS has some notable updates.

– The Chassis has a redesigned barrel mount that further increases accuracy and repeatability when swapping barrels.
– It also has a new Field Match Trigger. The new trigger design reduces some of its original complexity, ensuring rugged field durability, with less creep, crisper break, and a short reset. The trigger now has a flat contour for better ergonomic feel.
– The receiver has been lightened up through a few different changes. The receiver has some lightening cuts that have been added between where the chassis claps to the barrel and the hand guard. The monopod is now standard and comes installed on the chassis. rail on top of the receiver has also been shortened. The chassis has also bee lightened up in other key areas under the rifle skins.
– The Handguard has been redesigned to be much easier to replace. It is also lighter. It has M-LOK cuts for attaching accessories and no longer has a full length top rail machined into the rail.
– It has an integral tripod attachment point. Special Purpose Rifles offers an accessory ARCA tripod mount to attach to this point and the forearm on the rifle.
– The barrels now have fluting on the barrel shank and longer fluting on the length of the barrel to further assist in weight reduction

The Desert Tech SRS-A2 is one of the most versatile precision rifle system in the world. It is nearly a foot shorter than conventional precision rifles, maintains 1/2 MOA or better accuracy with DTM Ammunition, and can be easily adapted to situational requirements by changing the rifles caliber and length. Whether a police sniper is shooting 50 yards, a military sniper is shooting a mile, or a match shooter competing at the highest levels the SRS-A2 offers unrivaled flexibility in a package shorter than traditional rifles.

The SRS-A2 achieves superb accuracy in all calibers because it’s built around core accuracy components:

1. Match grade (free-floated) barrels, chambers, and crowns
2. High quality field match trigger
3. Solid, repeating return-to-zero barrel mounting system (the receiver securely clamps around the first six inches of barrel)

Quick Caliber Conversion
Using factory conversion kits, the SRS-A2 is quickly convertible between the following calibers: .308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor, .300 Winchester Magnum, 300 Norma Magnum, 300 RUM, 7mm, .338 Norma Magnum, and .338 Lapua Magnum. The caliber conversion and return to zero is simple and takes less than 60 seconds. At we offer custom barrels in various calibers, barrel lengths, barrel profiles, in both steel or carbon fiber, and with the muzzle thread pitch of your choice. Please contact us for pricing on custom barrels and conversion kits.

Benefits for the SRS-A2 platform:
1. Shooters can change rifle length, penetration, and distance capabilities.
2. Shooters can shoot various ammo calibers and types depending on situational need.
3. Shooters can progressively train on more powerful ammo.
4. Reduced training costs (train and practice with .308 WIN)
5. Reduced system down-times (the operator can change his own barrels).

The SRS-A2 is one of the shortest purpose-built precision rifle in the world. The telescoping bolt and bullpup configuration make it almost a foot shorter than conventional bolt action precision rifles. The compact design shifts weight and center-of-gravity rearward, creating a perfectly balanced and relatively short precision rifle.

The SRS-A2 was designed to operate under the harshest conditions and abuse. It is built of high-impact polymers; aircraft grade aluminum (ANSI 7075-T6); ultra high-strength steels; and some of the most durable coatings known to man. The monolithic receiver serves as a full length mounting chassis, eliminating the need for any sort of receiver-to-stock bedding interface. Ergonomic stock panels attach directly to the receiver.

The SRS-A2 maintains its accuracy and reliability in virtually any environment, including subzero arctic temperatures, extreme desert heat and dust, and wet jungle environments.

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