Oceania Defense .338LM / .300WM Ratchet Lock Titanium Suppressor

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The 338 Ratchet Lock Titanium suppressor is designed from the attach system forward to provide the most accurate suppressor system on the market.  The 338RL uses the latest flow technology for the best sound reduction in the least size and is designed for 338 and 300 magnum bolt action rifles.  The suppressor will also perform well on 6.5 Creedmoor and 308.  The 338 RL attaches to a 90 tooth muzzle device (Not Included) using  two ratchets to provide 4 degree of rotational alignment.   The suppressor also has a integrated heat shroud for reduced mirage which cools faster than the pressure skin.

The brake uses the reliable ratchet lock system developed for the AR15 and AR10 platforms but with additional features for increased accuracy.  The suppressor mounts and aligns using a two point system with a conical section aft and a parallel section forward.  Striations on the parallel section break carbon free after extended strings of fire.

The suppressor mounts in about 3 seconds with 2 full turns of a ACME thread.  As the thread starts to tighten against the conical seal, the rotation rings clicks into place which prevents the can from unscrewing.  To remove, twist the rotation ring until it clicks which unlocks the ratchet and keep turning to unscrew the suppressor. The best feature about the lock ring is that the motion to install and remove is intuitve and effortless.  It also prevents ratchet clicking noises when installing since the ring keeps the ratchet disengaged from the teeth during normal operation.  If you want to hear the teeth, just put the ring in the locked position before installing.

This suppressor is designed for jacketed projectiles only.

Average multiple in house results of sound testing using BK2209 with BK4136 at 1 Meter left of muzzle and 1.6 meter high:

26″ Armalite v338LM using 250 grain at 2820 FPS: 140.5

Tested 135 dB(A) at muzzle on a Rem 700 20″ with R1M1 762 147 Grain.

Tested @ Hawera on a AX 338 with Lapua 250 grain Scenars 1m Left, 1.6M high at muzzle and 100mm right of right ear.

No suppressor 173.9 dB(A) Velocity 2821 FPS
With Suppressor 142.1 dB(A) Velocity 2828 FPS
At Ear suppressed 132.2 dB(A)

This suppressor is built from Ti6Al4V Grade 5 which is  90%Titanium, 6% aluminium and 4% Vanadium using a selective laser melting process.  This process provides a completely monolithic structure for added strength with minimal weight.  The suppressor is then stress relieved to provide a yield strength of around 950 MPA and 1100 UTS.

These are designed for bolt action rifle use on any 338 magnum 20″ or longer at a 2 shot per minute rate of fire for 25 shots.

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